Bundles: Tips to Know Before Launch


Hi Recharge community! I’m Taylor, a Product Marketing Manager here at Recharge, looking after Bundles. For those who don’t know, Bundles is a feature that allows brands to sell fully customizable product bundles to both one-time and subscription customers. 

What you can do with Bundles:

  • Combine multiple SKUs into one product, saving customers time and effort through the value of your curation expertise. 

  • Offer pre-set or customizable bundles, with options to strategically discount pricing.

  • You can even allow your customers to adjust the items in their bundles after checkout via the customer portal, empowering them with ultimate order flexibility. 

Bundling directly benefits your business by helping you sell more in every purchase; increasing average order value, lifetime value, and customer loyalty while reducing churn.

Below are some tips you can implement as you’re getting started with Bundles to set your store up for success, while driving business outcomes in the long term.

  1. Launch curated and customizable bundles to see which your customers prefer. Deploying both types of Bundles at the same time gives your store the ability to track and measure which of the two options your subscribers prefer. These early insights will help your business understand how and what your customers are buying, gaining valuable learnings early on to help drive further growth.



  1. Add product upsells to your checkout. One of my favorite features of the Bundles tool is the ability to add an extra item onto the checkout, as both a one-time purchase and subscription. Enabling upsells creates yet another opportunity in the transaction moment for customers to purchase an item they might not otherwise have seen or been familiar with. It also provides an opportunity to curate a customizable bundle to a certain extent, if you know that the product in the upsell motion directly relates to what’s in the bundle.


  1. Enable fallback contents if a customer doesn’t update their order. Another major benefit of Bundles is the ability to offer a rotating menu of selections, common among brands in the Food & Beverage and Home Goods verticals. Each subscription cycle, customers are prompted to pick the products that make up their bundle based on what the merchant is offering that month vs. a set group of products every month. But if a customer doesn’t select new products, Bundles has the ability to pre-select the items they’ll receive in their next order.   



We hope you’re excited about the launch of Bundles! How are you planning on bundling and what types of features are you excited about? Post them below!

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