Add Recharge Widget to Featured Product

  • 22 September 2022
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Hi there,


I’m new to Recharge and I’m trying to add the Recharge widget to our featured product on the homepage of our site.

We are using the Craft theme, the doumentation I found here is vaguely written so I’m wondering if anyone has successfully added the widget to any other page than the product page.

I can get the widget to appear in the chrome dev console with a single line of JavaScript, but I can’t for the life of me find where to place that code in the featured-product.liquid file.



2 replies


This is the page that describes how to code the widget into other places than the product page

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Hi @NikosB, thank you so much for sharing your first question in the community!

I really appreciate you surfacing the widget use case doc, and letting us know that we may want to add clarifying details to the documentation. I’ll pass this feedback along to our team!

After checking this doc, it looks like the widget script might not be working properly because Craft is not a supported Shopify theme. I’m eager to see if anyone else in the Community might be able to share their experiences and insight with installing widgets, but it might be best in this instance to reach out to a developer who can customize your theme!

Thank you again, and I hope this helps!