Increasing Adoption of the Customer Portal

  • 16 September 2022
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Built out a fantastic customer portal and looking for ways to drive customers to engage? Thought I’d share a few low-hanging fruit to implement:


Simple and straightforward education through email marketing

  • Subscription welcome, renew, and skip emails which have clickable content that leads to the customer portal login, or a landing page on how to use. 
  • Highlight additional products you sell and a step by step on how to add to their existing subscription
    • Video content is usually well received

QR codes

  • An insert along with their recent subscription is a perfect way to capture attention when they open the package

Curated Content on Socials

  • Yes, you can post about how to navigate the portal and not just about the product itself. Influencer marketing can also help drive engagement - people love a platform that is easy to use. 

Would love to hear any other ways you’re driving engagement!


*we’re currently using bigcommerce

4 replies

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@claireberk going to work in the qr code idea! How is the transition over to shopify going? 

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@claireberk Thank you so much for posting this! I know a lot of members are curious how to make the most of their customer portal, so this is brilliant. 

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@russell going well! about 90% there

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ohhh I love the idea of the QR code, @claireberk! Actually, I was gifted a subscription to a sleepy time beverage for my birthday (called Clevr) in July, and I thought it was super….clever 😅 that they included a QR magnet in the box! I’m surprised that I actually have used the QR code, because its conveniently on the fridge as a reminder. 

I also love the idea of adding video content (or gifs??) to email as a way to educate or train behavior. Thanks for sharing these great tips!