Tips to make the most out of the customer portal experience

  • 13 July 2022
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Hi Recharge Community! I’m Jenna Fishman, a Product Marketing Manager here at Recharge. I work with the Product team and focus on ways merchants can improve their customer's subscription management experience via the customer portal. 


I’m really excited about the Community platform and the opportunities it opens up for us to have candid conversations with you, hear your feedback, and learn how we can make things easier for you and your customers. 


To start, I’m going to share some best practices and tips on ways you can optimize the subscription management experience through your customer portal. 


  1. Empower customers by giving them control of their subscription experience

Customers care about flexibility - as our State of Commerce report highlighted in 2020 merchants that offered purchase options like delivery skips, product swaps, and one-time purchases increased AOV by an average of 6%. In 2021, we saw that trend continue. 


  • Check your customer portal settings in the Recharge merchant portal to see what changes you currently allow your customers to make and identify if there is an opportunity to increase that flexibility.


  • Setup cancellation retention strategies - customers' lifestyle, needs, and financial situation can vary month-month. They may really love your product but when their needs change the first instinct might be to cancel. Our cancellation retention strategies feature enables you to set up alternative suggestions when a customer selects a cancellation reason. For example, if a customer says “I already have more than I need” - you can suggest they skip their upcoming order. 


  1. Increase your AOV and highlight additional products you sell 

  • Using our collections feature - you can build out a customized collection of products and assign that collection to your customer portal. 


  • If you’re a Theme Engine user you can add an “add products” function on any of your customer portal pages. For example, Eric from Lake Erie Pet Co. sends their customers to the upcoming delivery page primarily so they added one there and saw a 25% AOV increase after implementing this change. 

If you’re interested in selling one-time-only products in the customer portal without additional customizations, leave a comment below! We are cooking something up! 


7 replies

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Great information, @Jenna.Fishman !

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Thank you so much for this info, @Jenna.Fishman ! I know @russell was looking into one-time-only products a while back. Curious to see if any of our other members here are interested!

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@Jenna.Fishman I would love to set up time to talk more about cancellation retention strategies !

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Sounds great! I’ll reach out to you directly @russell ! 



we have limited our settings cause we have the problem that we have different models of boxes.


we have a 12boxes committed model and one which can be canceled anytime

in the flex model we woul love to allow the customers all of this

in the 12boxes rental we dont

can you help


also we really want all of our customers to be able to add products from shopify to their subscription

how do we best do that?

cause we reiceive all the time new products (on a daily basis, cause we save food , thus get new products all the time)  , thus ideally connection would be directly via shopify (also that stock is reduced , and products wont be out of stock)


thank you for quick answer





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Hi @Mira, thank you for coming to the Community with your questions! It looks like you’re working with a few different issues at the moment, so I went ahead and gave our team a heads up so they can begin working on an answer for you. Either I or another member of our team will update you in this thread once we have some more information. Thank you for your patience, we really appreciate it!

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Hi @Mira ! Thank you for those questions - here are some solutions for you that I think might help!


Question 1 - offering flexible cancellations for some products but not others
Option 1) Are your 12box committed rentals set up as prepaid subscriptions?

The reason I ask is because I’m not sure if you are wanting to prevent customers cancelling them since they have already paid for the 12 shipments? The good news there is cancelling a prepaid subscription won’t automatically cancel the existing queued shipments, it would only cancel it from renewing. Learn more here.

If the 12box committed model isn’t set up as a prepaid already, that would be my first recommendation to change - so that you can still offer the option to cancel for all customers but it won’t affect the subscriptions they’ve already paid for.

If there is another reason you don’t want them to cancel let us know! 

Option 2) An alternative could be to upgrade to Recharge Pro so you have access to Theme Engine - Theme Engine gives merchants access to all the theme files for the customer portal and empowers you to heavily customize it.


Because of this, you have the ability to customize the subscription management experience to hide the cancellation option on specific products. Please ensure you are aware of Automatic Renewal Law before choosing this route. If this is a route you want to move forward with investigating and you are in need of a developer resource we have Partner Agencies who work with Recharge merchants on a regular basis and have expertise in specific areas like the Theme Engine.


Question #2 - Making all Shopify products available to subscriptions and inventory management for limited products
In the merchant portal - customer portal settings you can adjust the setting products available for purchase to all products which enables you to display all products available on your online store in the customer portal when a customer goes to add products to their upcoming orders.



At this time, inventory is checked when the charge goes to process, and it is not possible to check the inventory before the charge is being processed without a very custom middleware solution. This means you may run into issues with inventory by the time the charge goes to process. A solution that potentially could work for you to combat that issue is adding a disclaimer to let customers know you’ll swap it for a similar option if the item is out of stock or even a mystery item that is sought after? Similar to when I order groceries online for pick up, and I check off the option that they can swap for a comparable option if my first choice isn’t available. 

If we’ve misunderstood your needs in any way please let us know!