How Do I Fix a Check-Out Loop After a PayPal Login?

  • 7 September 2022
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Hello everyone (: 

Since last Friday we have the following problem in our shop: When purchasing a subscription products (Recharge) and after logging into PayPal, that Checkout starts an endless loop when the customer actually wants to proceed with the purchase. Some background info: 

* This loop ONLY occurs for subscription products, which is why I thought it must be connected to Recharge.
* We did the Recharge Checkout Integration on the 22nd of August
* On the 30th we still got new subscriptions in via PayPal Express 

* Multiple customers over all kinds of devices have complained about this issue and we can also replicate it.
* I've been in contact with Recharge, Shopify Plus, different external developers and they are all not able to give me an indication of the cause of the problem. 

Unfortunately I can't upload a screen recording so here roughly what happens before the loop:
1. I put a subscription product (it only occurs for subscription products) into my card
2. I add my address and proceed with PayPal Express.
3. I log into PayPal, it connects, I am back at Payment-Page of the checkout were I click "Check the purchase" and then "Buy now"
4. After clicking "Buy now" I get redirected to "Check the purchase" and so on... this is the loop, so I never get to actually purchase the product.

If anyone knows this issue, had it before, I am happy about any input or insights. This problem might be more related to Shopify and PayPal,but maybe someone is experiencing the same issue with their shop. 




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Hey @Charlotte!

Thanks for sharing your paypal checkout issue with the Recharge Community – flagging these types of challenges is incredibly helpful for others that might also run into the same issue. We appreciate it, but we're sorry to hear that you're experiencing this.

I noticed that you currently have a support ticket open with our team, and that they're actively investigating with Shopify. I'll make sure to update this thread with their response in case anyone else may be experiencing the issue as well.

Thanks so much for your patience as we continue to look into this.


I have the same problem. Fresh installation, 1 product and it is not possible to create a subscription with PayPal

It is also not possible to for me to use “PayPal/Braintree” as a “Payment processor”. The option is not available.

We have the same issue in our shop for several weeks now! The Recharge support said they can’t help as the actual transaction does not take place, so there is no customer data in the Recharge database they could look at.

The Shopify support say it’s an individual problem on the customer’s side (some security browser settings or something like that)… Really!? Why can these people then use they PayPal in other online shops? Why does the problem take place only when trying to subscribe through Recharge?

We have nearly no new subscriptions through PayPal anymore, only Mastercard. When you compare this with our historical data, PayPal used to be the preferred payment method among subscribers. You can now estimate yourself how many conversions this costs us at the moment.

I ask the Recharge team to take care of this problem urgently. 

I want to highlight that all people experiencing this issue here seem to be based in Germany. Coincidence? 

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Hi Charlotte, Sebastian and Natalie (@Brotbackmann @terroristsofbeauty @Charlotte), 

Thanks so much for providing some additional context on your experiences, and for your patience while I collected details from our technical team. I can understand how this can be a frustrating experience, especially when you’re connecting with Recharge and Shopify’s support. 

Given that this issue is PayPal on SCI (Shopify Checkout Integration), the experience is controlled by Shopify, which handles everything around the checkout and charging of your customers. With merchants using SCI, Recharge isn’t involved until after the transaction has gone through, and Shopify signals a new checkout with a subscription has occurred. This remains the case even if it happens only to subscription purchases, because with SCI, Recharge only steps in after the checkout is done and Shopify creates the contract. In this case, I would recommend contacting Shopify Support so that they can look into this issue. 

@terroristsofbeauty you shared above that you had chatted with Shopify, and they said:

it's an individual problem on the customer's side (some security browser settings or something like that)

Do you have any additional details on what may be causing this? If there’s any more context or explanation here, I might be able to help investigate further. 

We’re sorry that you’re experiencing this; and thank you again for sharing these additional details. 



Hey all, 

we actually have our problem solved. It is coming from an update from Shopify on the check-out that has a few bugs. You can reach out to for support. They reversed the specific update on our check-out and now everything is working again. Just send them your shop url and a quick explanation on what is the problem and maybe also the suggestion to undo recent updates. 

Hope that helps!


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Hi @Charlotte

Thanks so much for sharing this – I’m so glad that Shopify was able to help you reverse the update on checkout! @terroristsofbeauty @Brotbackmann perhaps this will help you with your fix, too! 

Appreciate the follow up Charlotte, 

Yes, big thanks to @Charlotte, Shopify was also able to help us 😃