Looking for strategies to cut down subscribe and savers who dispute second delivery

  • 14 September 2022
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We get a fair number of customers who subscribe to regular deliveries for a 10% discount, get their second order delivered then say they never signed up or don't need the product and want a refund. 

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee so this is costing us quite a lot in refunds. Typically we don't even have the customer send us the product back as this just costs us even more. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can cut down on this WITH OUT reducing subscription up-take and creating customer service issues?

Thanks so much! 

5 replies

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Hi @Jeremy from Eco Strong , so sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with this!

Quick question for you - how explicit is the wording when a customer signs up for their discount? I’ve found that sometimes with this issue the context must be extremely clear to ensure the customer knows what they’re signing up for. I can definitely see how this can cause some frustration.


The term “Subscribe and save” is vague as it could apply to subscribing to a news letter and not necessarily a recurring charge. I’ll go through the process again and look to see what working can be improved. 

That said, I do feel like some people are gaming the system knowing that they can cancel at any time. 

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@Jeremy from Eco Strong Totally understandable! I would definitely look at the verbiage first to see if that can help cut down on the amount of folks cancelling. 

I’d be curious to know if any other members of our community have experienced a situation like this, and what they’ve done to combat it!

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@Jeremy from Eco Strong There was a time when we had an article driving significant track to a specific product of ours that had a subscription option. Same issue. A lot of customers accidentally signing up for subscription “unknowingly”.

Is there any chance you have data as to where these leads are coming from and resulting in the cancel/refund requests ?

It could just mean making an adjustment to the landing page where those leads are coming from. 


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Another thought on this @Jeremy from Eco Strong…are you sending reminder emails about when the next order is arriving? I wonder if the reminder will proactively help you reduce the amount of customers that end up requesting a refund, and thus impact your product costs. If you’re not actively doing this, or if you’re hesitant to change the transaction flows, you might consider doing an A/B test for your next upcoming subscribers? I also like @russell’s idea of drilling into where the leads might be coming from, and fine-tuning the marketing language there to test if that makes an impact. 

Let us know what you end up trying! Keen on learning what works or doesn’t work for you, and offering more ideas :)