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  • 20 September 2022
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Is there a way to print the Upcoming Order list by date? I have looked through Exports but can’t seem to get this list exported. The purpose is to be prepared for potential orders to make sure we have inventory on hand. Thank you!


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5 replies

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@hpihair Hmm, you should be able to see “Orders” in the exports section of the Merchant Portal. However, the date range for Orders exports are set to a maximum of 90 days for future orders and one year for processed orders.

I looked through this help article to find that information. 

Are you having trouble with the exports tab itself? Are you able to see other lists that are available for export?


I think the Exports tab is working but it isn’t pulling the right data. It does have Orders-Pending but I think it must only pull the data once the credit card is charged. This is a screenshot of the report I would like to have exported. 


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@hpihair you’ll want “Charges - queued” and if you offer prepaid subscriptions combine it with “Orders - Prepaid pending”. “Orders - Pending” are specific to orders that are waiting for the payment side to settle. 

You’ll need “Charges” since in Recharge an Order is only created once a charge is successfully processed; upcoming orders are really charges that are queued up to be processed. Prepaids work a bit different since there’s only one up-front charge, so in that case we actually prepare the orders up front, but won’t submit them to Shopify until it’s time.

Hopefully this helps figure out the different export options


That works! Thank you very much!

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Thank you for providing that additional context, @dnewel ! Glad we were able to find a solution for you, @hpihair :)