Does Anyone Have Recommendations for Marketing Agencies?

  • 2 August 2022
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Hi there, anybody recommend a marketing agency that specializes in FB and TikTok ads?


2 replies

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Hey @PMC - Finding the right Marketing Agency can be really tough, hopefully I can help narrow some things down for you, or at least make your research and decision easier.

Quite a few of our marketing agency partners do influencer work as well as paid social ads on IG and TikTok. A few that come to mind that specialize in this are Power Digital Marketing, MuteSix, Hawke Media, and Skylab Media.

If you are looking for something along the influencer marketing route, Grin has been successful for many Recharge merchants.
The UGC route, Gander has been a great resource for really affordable and cost effective video reviews too!

@jtennant @Erica.Berthold @danjoo - Curious as to what some of your recommendations would be and what your experience has been with the above mentioned agencies / tools!

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Betterly will connect you with someone who best fits your needs as a consultant. Their team comes from MuteSix’s founding team.